Is it possible to have too many pet items?

​Yes, pet toys are cute to buy or give as gifts. Pets, like children, can get overwhelmed by the overabundance of toys and clothes. Pets, like children, do have favorites as well. If you’re finding it too much to clean up after toys or clutter of pet stuff, it’s not a bad idea to downsize. Choose their favorite and put away the rest or, better still, give away the others. Chances are your pets will be fine with less.​ ​Sometimes owners find it difficult to get rid of toys or leashes after a pet has died. Keeping them in plain sight may remind an owner of a beloved pet and that may feel comforting. Over time, we tend not really see clutter, even if it is quite visible. If you lost a pet, and want a reminder, choose one item and put it in a prominent place. Over time, you may feel your memory no longer needs the visible reminder and you can put the toy away. If you need a hand, you know how to reach me.