Best Father’s Day gift

I was so touched when my client told me how her spouse responded when she told him on Father’s Day that she was going to reach out to me to help with her closet. His reply was that it’s the best Father’s Day gift ever!

Ok, that may be an unusual response. When couples have different mess tolerance, it can be challenging for both of them. Even though both of them have their own closets, her clothes overtook their bathroom and bedroom.

She really hasn’t had the time as a busy professional and mother. Working with me, we made a headway. First we sorted through the pile then purged what she no longer wears. Some of the fancier dresses that she only wore on special occasions were placed elsewhere so as not to take up valuable space she needed for her daily/weekend wear. The purging was huge! That helped give her breathing room to see what she has and rediscover clothes she forgot she had and is now excited to wear. Having an organized closet makes it easier for her to also put away clothes after wear/laundry.

He was happier to see no more clothes hanging around the bathroom.