For home:

  • Organized a storage unit for a multi-season sports fan, finding space to keep her sporting and camping gears accessible for use in-season and safely stored the rest of the year
  • Turned a jumbled all-purpose room and nook into a spacious living room and exercise space by creatively rearranging furniture according to the client’s needs

For life:

  • Pieced together a new mother’s already-purchased IKEA unit for her work-related supplies and baby gear, and then helped her place and fill it to give her the best access to the things she needed for her and her baby’s daily routine
  • Redid an office/storage room for an expectant mother, helping the client convert the space into a baby room, finding other storage for her art supplies to keep them baby-safe but still accessible, and finding space in a crowded closet for baby clothes
  • Revamped first-time mom’s wardrobe for late pregnancy and baby’s first year, helping her eliminate outfits that no longer fit her style, making room for maternity and post-birth clothing, and organizing her favorite pre-baby clothes to make them easily accessible when she was ready to fit into them again
  • Assisted a recent college graduate transition from shared dorm living to her first independent apartment, finding creative ways to maximize a tiny space
  • Helped new hosts unpack and reorganize an extra guest bedroom, making it both a useful storage space and a presentable guest room for visiting parents or in-laws

For work:

  • Set up an easy to maintain filing system
  • Turned an underused office wall into a working computer center, including room for a printer and supplies, with a strategy for minimizing wiring