Advantages of scheduling donation pick-up

I recently worked with a client, virtually, who mentioned that she’s good about filling up bags to donate/give away. What is challenging is getting the bags into the car to drop-off. It is the extra steps that’s not always easy for some people to do who are already juggling work and family life. Some of the thrift stores already have weird drop-off hours and keep changing drop-off windows due to the pandemic. I always call ahead or check the website to make sure the store is open. Sometimes websites are not updated regularly.

Typically, I take those bags out when I work with clients. Since this was a virtual client, I suggested scheduling a pick-up by organizations that do pick-ups. Big Brother Big Sister is one example, the Epilepsy Foundations is another depending on your area. It was a huge relief for the client to be able to schedule a pick-up when all she has to do is take the bags out to the front door on the pick-up date.

What’s your favorite charity pick-up?