Clothing purge

This may or may not come in a shock to you, I had help going through my clothes. My closets were not overstuffed with clothes but I realized there are many things that I’m not wearing, pandemic aside (who’s wearing dresses and suits at home these days?), part of it is shifting style for me.

A few months ago I decided to tackle my closets. I purged clothes that don’t look good on me or don’t fit well, have stains or holes in them. I didn’t go at it alone. I’m grateful to my friend and the technology to video chat plus her unwavering patience. I tried on everything. Even those things I knew I wanted to give away, like a black dress, even though every woman should have a black dress in her closet, it should be a dress that fits and you feel great in. Now I have room in my closet, so nothing is taking up space from things I do wear/use daily. My closets felt lighter and I can see everything I own.

I had some things to keep that are nonnegotiable. I am veering away from wearing black tops as I noticed colors look better. I kept a merino wool black top that I wear for running on cold days. Until I can replace it, I’ll keep wearing it and I do wear it weekly while running!  

Sorting through my clothes helps to see what I currently have what I can put together, (hello new outfits!) that I hadn’t considered putting together before, as well as see what I need, say a new top for that favorite skirts. My intention when I go shopping is only to buy what I need to replace and still keep my closet light and airy.

So even as a professional organizer, I can use help from an extra set of eyes. Are you ready to tackle your closet?

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