Even our cars could use TLC

It wasn’t until I had to change over cars that I realized how much it needed to be cleaned out. I vacuum the interiors pretty regularly; I didn’t look closely into the pockets between the driver and passenger seats. The pockets of the front seats from the back, pockets in the doors, and even the closing case by passenger side. And the trunk too! I’ve found maps from 2010. Granted maps don’t change that much but they do when it has been over 10 years. When was the last time we looked at paper maps? I’ve decided to save only the most relevant and latest map.

There were Bed Bath & Beyond coupons from 2018. No longer useful given the changeover with the company. Out they went. Cloth masks from the early part of the pandemic, no longer needed. Never ending supplies of napkins from coffee shops, gone. So many plastic utensils which I don’t even use anymore. Out they went.

Photo of steering wheel in a car.

In the trunk, my box of work supplies needed a look over as well. Some supplies I forgot I had or needed to restock. Ideally, this wouldn’t need to happen on a super cold day so whenever there’s a good weather day to tackle your car, that would be a good day to do it, at least once a year for deep cleaning.

After that’s all sorted, putting away is as important as purging so you have access to things in a pinch. Whether after a car accident, helping someone else, or finding a work-related supply, having the car in order makes a difference especially if in an area without any lights.

What was the best organizational tip you set up for your car?

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  1. Great idea to clean out all of the car. I’m going to do my car and Barbara’s car this weekend. Thx for the great idea.

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