Beauty of packing and moving

Yes, packing and moving is not without stress. As I was packing up for my move, I kept finding things I had been looking for a long while. Or found things that I couldn’t figure out why I kept in the first place. Like empty containers under the bathroom sink. Then there were hair products I no longer use as I changed products. The trap was my cabinet is organized and not at all cluttered. It’s also out of sight out of mind with closed cabinet doors. Finding those no-longer-useful items, I donated what I could and tossed the rest rather than move them to my new place.  

During the pandemic, I had stored these cloth masks in a serving bowl by the front door. They got moved elsewhere when we started using medical-grade masks. Stored with the cloth masks, were my gators. I use the gators to keep my neck warm during the fall/winter runs. Moving the mask collection happened over the summer so when fall came and I needed the gators, I couldn’t find them. It wasn’t until I started to pack months later that I came across the cloth masks, the gators were still stored with the masks. That’s why I always say to people it’s a good idea to move every five years or act like you’re going to move. Go through each room and let go of what’s taking up valuable space and make room for what really matters.

Need to start small? I’d start with the bathroom or spices/pantry storage space to go through products not being used anymore, combine duplicated spices, toss expired herbs. The same for the pantry shelves, combine duplicates, get rid of expired products or those foods you no longer use. 

What was the thing you were looking for and didn’t find until your next move or clean out?

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