Sample of virtual organizing

People have asked me how virtual organizing works as most people expected organizing to be very much hands on. They’re right, but hands-on is not the only service offered via organizing. There’s digital organizing, photo organizing, and so on. Many ways of getting organization help don’t require meeting in person.

At the beginning of the pandemic lock down, normal routines got disrupted. Priorities shifted and for some people their former patterns of organizing were no longer working.  

Here are examples of work I’ve done with people virtually:

Developed an action plan and walked through the process of emptying out three bedrooms so the client could get the floor refinished.

Reorganized a bathroom to tailor to client’s needs as needs and use shifted.

Served as accountability buddy so client can tackle paper piles in home office and clear surface.

If you have a project and you are not sure if virtual organizing would work, reach out and I can let you know.