November is Fridge Clean Out Month

It is a bit quirky to discover that November is Fridge Clean Out Month. At the same time, it makes sense especially if you’re planning on hosting or cooking/baking to bring over to people for Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving and other winter holidays coming up. Having space in the refrigerator would definitely be helpful.

When was the last time you actually checked a condiment to see if it’s still edible? Not sure why there are duplicates of ketchup in fridge? It is worth checking especially if you can use the space for other active food items. PLUS, a clean fridge helps keep the fridge working smoothly. Don’t be too shy to get rid of that questionable Tupperware that nobody wants to touch.

2 thoughts on “November is Fridge Clean Out Month

  1. I love that November is clean-out-your-refrigerator month. That is such fun fact!
    We Americans do have very large refrigerators, so there are bound to be some things getting lost in the back 😉

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