Is it really worth saving ALL the packing boxes?

During the polar vortex in Chicago last year, many pipes burst and caused flooding damaging items left on or close to the ground. Time, energy and money were spent cleaning up the mess. So, was it really worth holding on to all of the empty boxes?

big boxes on top of each other

Saving packing boxes can be handy for storing seasonal items when they are not needed such as a humidifier and holiday decorations. To save every single box that comes in the house, is it really necessary? Boxes take up spaces that can be used for current active items.

Downsize boxes and keep what you actually need to use. Sure, when you do move, it’ll be easy to get boxes when the time does come. Did I really need to save the humidifier box? Not really. Right now, I do have space in my closet to store the humidifier but using the box made it easier to keep it all together and organized on my shelf. Yet I do NOT keep all the packing boxes that I’ve acquired. I know that I can get boxes easily when I need to box up to move.

Want to reclaim the space for other active items? Flatten boxes into recycling bins or to store vertically.