New cellphone fiasco

What started off as a simple project going into the Apple store to replace the battery in my phone turned into needing to get a new phone because it was not an option to replace the battery (due to an issue with that particular model). Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have a new replacement, it’s the process of dealing with backing up prior to leaving the house, making sure all the apps can transfer, having the necessary password to transfer etc. I lost all the website links that didn’t get transferred to the new phone. Although it’s a bit of a silver lining to start with a blank slate. A blog post on digital declutter for another day.

A 30-minutes-process turned into a two-and-half hours process. On top of that, the sim card (phone provider) wouldn’t work in the new phone. I had to go into the provider store to get a new sim card. That was a whole other process with the provider cell phone store because I didn’t remember the password. The password would have been helpful to have on hand.

Fortunately, I was able to resolve my phone issue that same day. I, now, have the password for the next time I need to deal with the provider, hopefully not for a long time. Are you keeping track of your passwords for important access such as financial, utility etc? I also recommend sharing key passwords with people in your life who may need access to resolve issues. If your passwords are all over the place or find yourself constantly resetting passwords, an organizer can help set it up.