Beauty of consolidating similar items

Has it ever happened to you that you know you have an item and yet you cannot find it so either you go buy another one or spend time hunting for it? That for sure happened to me. I knew I had an extra rechargeable battery, which was expensive and hard to replace. I needed the battery and it wasn’t in a box where I kept similar/related items. It took me a few more weeks before I actually found the missing battery, which was nowhere near where I kept related items. The battery box was full so the rechargeable battery was stored elsewhere. Had I stored it near the similar items, it would’ve saved me time (and money). It wasn’t a total waste of time. When I first opened the box to look for the rechargeable battery, I realized I had items in the box that I no longer needed. Some expired and others only fit items I no longer had. What a perfect excuse to declutter unneeded or unwanted items and thus make room for what will be used.

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