Best gift to your adult children

It is no surprise that we’re not going to live forever. There are things you can do to make it easier for the next person to deal with your stuff when the time comes. Cleaning out the attic/basement can help big time. Most of us don’t have the bandwidth, energy, time, and even space to deal with someone else’s stuff. It doesn’t have to be a lonely project, recruiting helping hands will speed up the process.

Adult children can help their parents by tackling their own childhood stuff. That’d be a lovely gift to your parents, by easing the load.

Bring in an objective friend or a professional organizer to help with making decisions. More often than not, a lot will end up in a giveaway pile. Keeping what you really want and letting go of stuff that doesn’t interest you will make life easier. Scanning or photographing objects can help keep visual images over the actual stuff without taking up more space.

Be mindful when asking what your friends, family and helpers would like to take home. Ask direct short questions that help you know what you can set aside. Focus on quality over quantity. Set a hard deadline for pick-up and let it go if the date passes. No guiltying the other party. Definitely do not take it personally if they decline taking anything. What you treasure may not be treasure to someone else.

If there are boxes that belong to adult children, have them take the boxes to deal with at their own home. They may not even want what has been stored. Let it go then.

A professional organizer can get you started on this important project.