Moving furniture temporarily becomes permanent

I was at friends’ house for a meal when they mentioned one of the guests was bringing his sister who’s blind. They had a coffee table in the middle of the living room. To get to the dining room, we would need to go through the living room. I suggested that the coffee table be moved elsewhere so the guest’s sister could comfortably maneuver around the living room without stumbling over barriers. I helped my friends move the coffee table against the wall which left a nice open space in the living room.

I figured the coffee table would be put back in the middle of the living room after the meal. A few weeks later, when I stopped by to visit, I noticed the coffee table had not returned to its original place. I asked my friends if they wanted help moving the coffee table back. As it turned out, the friends like the openness of the space and decided to leave it. As do I.

What was the best temporary furniture change that became a permanent one?