To ship or not to ship while traveling

In one of my last few blogs I spoke about spending a week camping on the West Coast, and then flew directly to the East Coast to work with clients. Thankfully having local friends to borrow camping gear from made a big difference. Plus being able to leave behind work-related items at my friend’s place meant that I was able to travel light while camping. After the week-long hiking trip, I had a couple more days to hang out in the city before I flew to the East Coast. One of the things I needed to do was visit a post office. There were a few things that I didn’t need to bring with me to the East Coast so I shipped them home. In this case I shipped home my hiking boots, a small camel pack, a book given by my friend, plus local edible souvenirs. While those items would have fit in my luggage, not packing them meant my suitcase was lighter allowing me to comfortably schlep between flights and on public transit.

What was the best thing you shipped home while traveling multiple states or countries?

2 thoughts on “To ship or not to ship while traveling

  1. Wall hanging photographs or paintings. And they were MUCH cheaper to have framed in Florida, even with the added shipping cost, than framing in the Chicago area!

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