Personal trainer = professional organizer

I’ve been asked a number of times why anyone would hire a professional organizer. Anyone can get themselves organized, the argument goes. That is true. People can do a fine job of organizing themselves. In the same way, many people do a fine job of staying in shape by exercising regularly.


But do they all stay committed to exercising on their own? Some do. Others have trouble finding a routine that they can maintain, struggle with motivation or aren’t sure how to achieve a specific fitness goal. So they hire a personal trainer.


Personal trainers do more than just help individuals learn how to use weights and machines, build muscles and lose weight. They also serve as cheerleaders, and create accountability for their clients. Personal Trainers teach skills that clients can use to pursue fitness on their own.


That’s what professional organizers do. We cheer on clients and work with them to accomplish their goals of an organized, clutter-free space. We have professional tricks that will make their organizing speedier and more effective. We also share strategies to help our clients maintain their space after we leave.


A professional organizer serves as a personal trainer to tame the chaos, whether it’s just to get you started or help you race to the finish line.