Boxing Day​ and regifting

Boxing day was on December 26​, a holiday celebrated after Christmas Day when historically, the upper class regift unwanted gifts to ​the poor. Today Boxing Day is equivalent to a shopping holiday.*

Oftentimes we get gifts we don’t want or need. Then what do we do with unwanted gifts? Some people stuff them in the closet hoping they disappear (trust me, it doesn’t work that way), return them to the store to exchange or regift them on to the next person.

If you get a gift you don’t want, it’s ok to let it go. Can’t imagine regifting to someone, then donating it if it’s donatable. No reason to keep it taking up unnecessary space in your home. Can’t imagine letting it go? Let me help you, you know how to reach me.

I wish you all a safe and healthy 2022 year.

*Thanks to Wikipedia for info on Boxing Day.

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