Where are YOU keeping your vaccination paper?

The most valuable document of this year is the COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card. I have already found at least a couple of COVID-19 Vaccination Record Cards hidden among piles in my clients’ homes. They’re stuck under piles of papers or scattered on a kitchen counter. It’s okay as long as clients know where their card is to take with them for their second dose, it’s not a big deal. BUT it is a big deal if the card cannot be found.

Some people are keeping it with their medical files. Others with their passport or important documents. Bottom line is, keep it where you know you can find it when you need it. AND take a picture of it on your phone so you’d have a digital copy of it, especially after your second dose. Who knows what’s going to happen with domestic and international traveling and which may require a proof of vaccinations.

If you haven’t gotten your vaccines, it’s coming. If you have gotten your vaccines, congratulations. Let me know where you are safe keeping your COVID-19 vaccination card.   

2 thoughts on “Where are YOU keeping your vaccination paper?

  1. Thanks Elesheva for the timely question! I had mine taped in my desk planner on the page when I received the 2nd vaccine. Now I have taken a photo of it and moved it to my wallet as well. My husband had taken a photo of his and put it with his health papers. We plan to visit our one year old grandson in Virginia Beach and now will have this card with us!

    • Thank you for sharing Felice. Having a digital copy of the vaccination card is a peace of mind especially for traveling and/or going into events, if needed. Storing the vaccination card with health papers is great. Keeping it simple and easy to find/access when need it. Safe traveling and enjoy quality time.

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