Working from home

Working from home has its own pros and cons. We are home more than ever and for some, stress levels are higher than we are used to.

Some people saw working at home as an opportunity to get their place in order. As long as you’re home anyway, you could call an electrician in to fix or replace light fixtures. Being home means more time for DIY projects instead of going to the gym. Some people may already have decluttered their space responding to a new awareness of their surroundings.

For other people, the stress is higher because they are seeing clutter all the time which can be paralyzing. Clutter in space can clog the mind and make people feel they don’t know where to start or are overwhelmed by other variables.

If you’re a big fan of working from home, what has been a game changer for you?

If you’re looking to reclaim your sanity and space so you can work from home with focus, I’m a call away.