With Spring holidays coming up, getting together may be a challenge

Today I am stepping away from advice on organizing things in space.

With Illinois and many other states issuing shelter-in-place and urging social distancing, social flexibility and creativity is a must. Easter, Passover and other special occasions are coming up. It is hard not to be able to connect in person with family and friends.  Connecting virtually can help us stay connected. There are so many ways today to get connected and stay connected, even with free platforms or a good ole telephone call.

Many platforms offer free webinars/YouTubes on how to set up a virtual connection to bring several people together for holiday or special occasions. Connecting virtually can be beneficial in terms of allowing more people to join in who wouldn’t otherwise be able to be there in person because of distance. Take this wonderful opportunity to use virtual togetherness to extend an invitation to connect with your family/friends for the upcoming holiday or celebrations.  

While you are home, think about ways you can better organize your space. I am available to consult and even work with you virtually so your space is functional, calm and comfortable.   

4 thoughts on “With Spring holidays coming up, getting together may be a challenge

  1. Elesheva, you always bring a voice of calm, re-assurance and can-do to your e-letters. Thank you for addressing this topic as holidays are a time if bringing together, family and friends in celebration.
    Wishing you and your family, the best of all possibilities, a meaningful Pesach and taking in new meanings of the story in these times.
    In Good Health and warm wishes, Shari

    • Thank you Shari for your sweet message. I wish you a wonderful Passover with your family and friends as well. Stay well, healthy and safe.

  2. Always look forward to your posts. I think of you often and hope you and your family are well and stay that way. Best wishes for Passover. Fondly, Phyllis

    • Thanks Phyllis! Wishing you and your family wonderful Passover. Stay well and healthy.

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