Shipping dress and shoes ahead of time

I have the tendency when traveling to the East Coast, I travel to two states. Usually because I’m traveling to clients for organizing time. One year I had to be in NYC for a wedding and then go to Boston for clients. A dress and dressy shoes to wear at a wedding tend to take up a lot of unnecessary space in my carry-on suitcase. I did the next best thing, shipped my dress and shoes to a family friend till I arrived. After the wedding I shipped them back home while I continued on to my next destination. I could’ve taken a bigger suitcase, true but it costs more to put under a plane plus I was in motion while in Boston. I needed the suitcase be a small size I can carry around with me.

It definitely was a risk sending the package ahead. The package may not arrive in time, at all or get stolen. It was the risk I was willing to take. I wore the jewelry, I was planning on wearing at the wedding, while traveling as shipping valuable or sentimental jewelry is not recommended.

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