Flatten those boxes 

There are many benefits of being an Amazon Prime member or using similar companies that ship for free. Items you need/want come to your door without you needing to go into a store for convenience. BUT some of us find ourselves drowning in boxes which takes up a lot of space wherever they are stored. One of my clients suffered a leak in her basement, right where she was saving all her boxes. Unfortunately, those soggy boxes cannot be recycled so into the trash they went. I recommend flattening boxes whether you are going to save (just a few) or you plan to recycle them. Recycling bins do fill up quickly when boxes are not flattened and folded. Flattened boxes mean more room to add other recyclables into the bins. Keep a knife or scissors near where you open your packages so you can flatten the boxes right after you open them. If you are unsure whether or not you will return items, be selective about what size boxes to hold on to, and be firm about how long you will hold on to the selected boxes. There is no reason to hold onto more than one or at the most two boxes of the same size boxes unless you do ship out a lot. Even a handful of flat boxes are easier to store than unflattened boxes. Keep only what you actually need and will use. Remember less is more.