When’s the last time you wore that bauble?

A sign on a window of a jewelry store says: If you’re not wearing it, SELL IT!


Why not? Style and tastes change overtime. Gifts of jewelry were given, handed down or purchased but now couldn’t see yourself wear them.


Do you have a hard time finding jewelry you want to wear? Is it possible there are too many items in one place or too much jewelry, you have multiple places?


A cluttered jewelry box or drawer can be a discouraging sight. Place the jewelry you want to wear more often upfront and with space around it. Store the seasonal jewelry with your seasonal clothes elsewhere. Less is more (L.I.M).


I plead guilty. I have a jewelry box that I haven’t touched in a very long time. The jewelry box, that I got when I was 13, no longer serves my needs. I like not having a jewelry box on my dresser. L.I.M. The jewelry box is sitting on top of my closet shelf which is a pain to reach and bring down when I want to wear something. The jewelry that I do wear a lot and love is stored within reach but only a few items. I have sold and given away jewelry that I no longer wear.


Are you ready to tackle your jewelry collection?


S3 wishes you all a wonderful new year!

4 thoughts on “When’s the last time you wore that bauble?

  1. Another idea (but not necessarily de-cluttering) is to have a party with friends and trade
    If there are items that no one wants, give away or sell

  2. How about jewelry in a safe deposit box? If you want to give items to friends or family members when you die, make a list and keep it with your will or trust documents.

    • ​Thank you, Barbara, for sharing the importance of having a written record of which jewelry goes to whom after death. It is also a great idea to give some pieces you’re not wearing to people you love while you are still alive. That way you can have the pleasure of seeing them enjoy the gift, and make things a little bit easier for the future executor of your will.

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