Overload of stuff from previous generations

Does this sound familiar? A closet is overstuffed with towels and linens or more furniture than space allows, all because items were handed down by family members. Often times there are way more items than needed.


This is a nice five to ten minutes exercise to declutter by sorting through towels and linens. If they’re torn, worn or dull, remove them. When you are down to three bath towels per person living in the house, put the best ones on the shelf and recycle the rest. Same for sheets, you only need two or three sets per bed. If you’re feeling guilty about letting go of linens because who they came from (parents or grandparents etc), remember that things do not replace the person or memory. Save space for other things that make you happy.  Choose quality over quantity. Have one awesome item that evokes joyful memory of your loved ones over many that get lost in the clutter. Are you finding breathing room after doing this exercise? Ready to tackle the next space?



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