Where do I hang those pants?

Do you have a chair, couch, ottoman, or hope chest in your bedroom that’s often covered with clothes? Clean clothes waiting to be put away after laundry or worn once and not quite ready to throw into a laundry basket. And you’re tired of seeing clutter on the furniture. If the furniture serves that purpose, as a resting place for clothes and nothing else, perhaps it’s time to get the furniture out of the bedroom. That’d be a good time to rethink how to use the space and how you are storing/handling clothes. Or time to replace the catch all with a more functional piece.

Michael had a reclining chair in his bedroom that was always covered with his clothes. It’s a big and awkward piece of furniture that doesn’t quite fit in the small bedroom. Initially he got it to use when he wanted to read or nap. But he barely used it since it wasn’t as comfortable. Instead it became a place to hold clothes until he was ready to put something away or wear it again. Michael needed somewhere to lay clothes after wearing, in particular pants. He replaced the chair with a fun, tall coat rack which takes up less room than the reclining chair, and the bedroom feels bigger with the chair gone. Now the pants have a home on the rack ready to be worn again before tossing into the laundry basket.

That’s just one solution and not the only one. There are number of creative solutions for gaining more floor space including a wall mounted rack in the closet. What tricks have you used in your space to avoid occupying floor space?

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