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I try to pick up The Oprah Magazine each spring, when it does its annual de-cluttering issue. I like to read what excites the readers about organizing by O.


It may not feel like spring yet, but the March 2014 O organizing issue has hit newsstands, and it’s full of great features. My favorite is by a respected organizer, Peter Walsh, who created a “One month to a Saner you!” calendar with a quick organizing project for every other day.


Each project is designed to take just 5-10 minutes at most, but those small, regular steps can make a huge difference. This was one of my favorites:


“5-5-5: In the next 5 minutes, find 5 items in the room where you are sitting to give away, 5 to throw away, and 5 to put away. Ready… go!”


Here’s another great one:


“Primp My Ride: Go to your car with two bags. Use one to collect trash and the other for anything else that doesn’t belong there, from mail to kids’ toys. Return these items to their places.”


If you want to see the whole month to meet the challenge, or get ideas to create your own “saner you” calendar, message me or pick up the March 2014 O issue (make sure to open the foldout page). Every small step makes a difference.


On a different note: Many places across the USA are now accepting donated formal dresses for high school prom. For donation guidelines, check my previous blog. The links are current. The deadline to donate a dress in most places is April 1, 2014.

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