Tackling my own project—time-lapsed video included

During the sheltering in place, I used the opportunity to organize my own office closet which I’ve been putting off. Too many times I ended up buying duplicate tools to bring to clients when I couldn’t find what I needed in my office closet. That’s when I knew it was time to declutter and reorganize it to serve my needs better.

I rolled up my sleeves and took a look at my office closet. I knew what was not working for me and had a vision of what I wanted the result to be. I took everything out to look at what I needed to say good-bye to. Books that no longer provide information I want went to give-away pile, tools that are outdated were pulled out as well. I had various supplies for my office needs and for clients on multiple shelves. I consolidated those by categories and stored close to each other so I’m not overlooking supplies I need. Active supplies and books that I need to access most often are at eye level for easy glance and grab when needed.

On most days, I still slide the door closed at the end of the day. Now it’s much more manageable and a major time saver to find items I need, that I know I have in stock. Enjoy watching me in action.  

Before and after photos:

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