Virtual organizing during sheltering-in-place

We are all sheltering-in-place and wanting to keep the COVID 19 curve down. With most people spending more time than usual at home, it can be challenging to keep and stay organized. I can’t physically go into clients’ homes, but organizing doesn’t have to stop. I can help remotely. Here are some areas where we can work together to get you started or continue an organizing project.

  • Is your home set up appropriately for school learning and/or work so you can work efficiently and have the right supplies on hands? I can help.
  • Does the kitchen need some organization to handle the number of people living at home and using the kitchen more frequently? I have helped clients reorganized kitchens from afar.
  • Does your current routine incorporate time for food prep and/or workout at home? I can help you think through options and set up.
  • Is this a time you can start that project that’s been on hold? If you need help breaking that down to get started and continue, I am available.
  • Struggling with overload of junk mail or an excess of cartons from delivered items? I can help you downsize and get a handle on the mess. (courtesy of Recycle By City for this junk mail removal resources)

One hour of my time may be all you need to get in control. Take the first step, email

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