Best gift is the last gift

I worked with a Tom going through his dad’s boxes that were sitting in his basement for 10+ years after his dad passed away. It’s one of those things where it’s easier to box everything up and deal with later, after the parent passed away. Then of course, the boxes just sat in the basement for years.

Tom and I met about once a week and it still took a number of months to go through all the boxes. Once we got through all the boxes, it wasn’t the end of the project. Tom wanted to continue going through his own stuff so that his children wouldn’t have to go through what he had to go through dealing with his parents’ stuff.

Part of the reason Tom left his dad’s boxes alone was that he was busy with business and raising his children. Often lot of emotions need to be dealt with when sorting through family history or sentimental items. Having a professional organizer to work with can help speed up the process. We were able to downsize to meaningful items he wanted to keep for himself and children. Some of the items he sent to his siblings to share with their own children as well.

The best gift Tom could give to his children is by dealing with his parents’ stuff first and then his own so that his children won’t have to when the time comes. Not sure where to start, give a call for help.

Note: These blog stories feature real clients and their organizing solutions. To maintain client privacy, all names have been changed.

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