How organized is your cabinet under the sink?

Can you clean your cabinet under the kitchen sink in 5 minutes or less without making a mess? Can you put it all away in even less time afterwards? If this task takes you longer, there’s a pretty good chance you have too many items under the sink. Less is more, and with less, you can store things more easily, as I discovered a few months ago.

When water suddenly appeared under my fridge, I couldn’t figure out where the water was coming from. It was not from inside the fridge which was working fine. I tried to follow the line to see where the leak was coming from. Once I was able to pull out the fridge with a helper, I realized the water line to the ice maker had a hole. I brought in a plumber who thought he had the right length needed to replace the old line but it wasn’t. We had to reschedule for another day. In the meantime, the water line to the freezer was turned off. I put all the supplies back under the sink but in baskets so that when the plumber came back, it’d be quick to pull everything out for him to finish the job. Good thing I had those items better contained as a few weeks later the plumber came back to replace the pipes under the sink, unrelated to the original leak. It was quick and painless to take everything out and put away at the end. I only store items that I need access to use on a regular basis under my sink. Any duplicates or extra items are stored in other cabinets in the home.

Need help organizing your cabinets, I’m an email/call away.   

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