Changing storage systems, especially after moving

Clothes are often stored in dressers, built-in cabinets, walk-in closet with shelves, closets with only hanging rods and if you’re lucky, maybe even a top shelf, or simply on a coat rack. There are so many ways to store one’s clothes at home. Clothing storage options don’t come in a one-size fits all.


A clothing system that was well set up well in one home sometimes may be total chaos in another home, especially if you are going from your dream walk-in closet to a new home with closets that may be smaller or configured differently. What was working for you before no longer serves your needs in your new space. Does it mean you need to buy something? Depends on what’s currently available and the number of personal articles you have. I have a beautiful dresser that I had planned on bringing to my new home but it didn’t quite fit in the room. I have more closets in my new space than my previous place. It required rethinking how I wanted to use the space that would serve my needs. Do I need all the closets for my clothes? In my case no, given the number of clothing articles I own. I wanted a minimalist look in my bedroom. Which meant less stuff visible when I entered. Sometimes the way a closet is configured doesn’t work. In one closet I had the rod and shelves taken out. Another closet already has built-in shelves which I made into my library and a place to store office/organizing supplies including a printer. I love it that I can close the closet doors when I’m not working. Since I didn’t have my dresser to store folded clothes: t-shirts, sweaters, pjs, and jeans. Hanging them wasn’t an appealing option for those items for me. I needed something to store these articles. Since my books have a home in a closet, I now have an empty bookshelf. I placed the bookshelf in an empty closet and stored folded clothes on the bookshelf. That closet became my walk-in closet as a great short-term solution while I play with the space. I may change my mind and convert that closet into an office instead. Who knows.

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