Kitchen appliance manuals (big stuff)

Do you know where your house-related appliance manuals are? If you have the digital PDF version on your computer, ignore the rest of this blog post. If you’re like me and have the hardcopies, read on. It’s usually rare when we need the manuals and when we do, it’s nice to know where to find them and fast! Some people like to have manuals near the appliances if there is a designated spot for the manuals, otherwise it’s better to keep all in one easy access area. It’s useful to get all those together to put in a box, file cabinet or bookshelf. Wherever you’re keeping them, as long they are all in one place that is easy to get to and easy to describe to your partner, child, or even emergency personnel where to find that manual if you’re not home. Having it all in one place is nice for when you move out of a rental place or sell the home and the appliances stay behind for the next owner/tenant. Are you ready to get all those manuals in one place?




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