Why purging before moving is a good idea

Lately I’ve been working in homes helping individuals and families purge before they move out of state. One of the areas often overlooked is the kitchen. Many times when I unpack in a client’s new home, I’ve come across a number of expired boxes, jars or canned food. When I was visiting a friend out of state to help her pack up a bit, she said to me something that made me smile. She wasn’t buying food for the pantry. She was due to move in a month and she was using up the food that she had.food pantry with cereals on left side of top shelf and bags of grains lined up. Second shelf, below are canned foods, box of pasta, containers of dried mushrooms and jars of honey


If the date hasn’t expired on packaged food and you don’t see yourself or your family eating it, consider donating food to your local food pantry. When you get to your new home, you can start with fresh food.

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