Magic of Tidiness

Recently MetLife posted an article via their Life Advice newsletter, The Magic of Tidiness. Included are simple and straightforward benefits of being tidy:

  • You may feel less stress (my emphasis) in a neat home where you know where everything is.
  • “Neat desks and workspaces are linked to increased creativity.
  • Non-cluttered homes help guard against tripping and falling.
  • When you let go of things you don’t need or that don’t bring you joy, what’s left are things that make you feel happy when you see them.
  • Your home will be more pleasant visually without clutter.
  • You’ll have more space, and that space will be easier to clean.
  • You may have more money. If you have valuables you don’t love, you can sell them.
  • De-cluttering brings a tremendous sense of accomplishment, even joy.

If you’re holding on to things thinking you’ll pass them on to your children or grandchildren one day, consider this: if you don’t need it, neither does your family.”

(MetLife: Spring 2017, Volume 24, Number 2)

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