Do you know clutter at home can affect quality of your sleep?

On a healthy average, we spend a third of our lives each day sleeping. If the sleep quality is low and there’s clutter in your home, particularly in your bedroom, it can be a cause preventing quality sleep. Somehow our brain doesn’t turn off knowing there is clutter.

Every little step can make a big difference to reduce clutter in a bedroom, from having a hamper for dirty clothes rather than the floor to putting books in a bookcase. Is your bedside table cluttered with tidbits? Go through and decide what you need to have out and the rest put elsewhere or toss.  Can you see the surface of your dresser? If not, declutter it the same as the bedside table.

“Your bedroom is meant to be a sanctuary where you recharge your battery, rejuvenate your spirit and find yourself at peace before falling sweetly into the depths of dreamland,” according to Restonic.

I find that to be true for myself, I sleep well when there’s no clutter on floor and all closet doors are closed. The fewer items on surfaces, the less my brain thinks about what needs to be done while sleeping.

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