“Winter Exercise: Bend. Toss. Repeat.”

Recently the Chicago Tribune posted an editorial (January 20, 2014), “Winter Exercise: Bend. Toss. Repeat.” It talks about the challenges of finding storage space for everyone’s new gifts or deals from seasonal sales, joking that maybe a dumpster rental would be the best holiday gift of all. Since winter tends to be a time to hunker down at home, especially when the temperature hits the teens or below, the editorial recommends taking the opportunity to clear the house of no-longer-needed items. According to the Tribune, discarding old things might be an easier New Year’s resolution to keep than exercising more or giving up desserts for all of 2014!

There is a nice quote at the end of the piece that acknowledges that yes, it’s hard for people to let go of things: “But creating all that empty space is energizing. At the very worst, once your winter exercise ends, you’ve got more spaces to put that new stuff you can’t live without.” I’d love to hear my readers’ thoughts on this editorial.

Thanks to my mom for bringing this piece to my attention. I smiled reading it.

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